Gale by Imagine Glamour*CZ, JW

SC Orion Maine Treasures*CZ, JW
ns 09 22
EC Chamberlain Zillion Sunrays,JW Chamberlain Public Enemy St. Johns Genesis
Koontucky Moonpearl
Chamberlain Something Wild Lacocoon Blue Jay Way of P.
Chambarlain Game of Chance
EC Mouline Crecy Urania Mouline Crecy Teddy Bear Willowplace Nautilus
Moulin Crecy Replay Woman
Mainacadia Swallow of Moulin Crey Hillside Phoebus Deso Viseries
Moulin Crecy Nympho
Ch I*Supernova Flower´s Storm
f 23
Justcoons Cross Fire Langstteich´s CC Juma Langstteich´s C.Countdown
Langstteich´s Jamaica
Langstteich´s DD´Elaine/td> Langstteich´s Dream Dandy
Emy-Shou Vom Moenchswalder Berg
Summerfield´s Savannah Summerfield´s Valentino WW 03 Honney Hill´s Tommy Steine
Honney Hill´s Just Gotta Have It
Honney Hill´s Celina Bella Bling Bling O Alwaro
Honney Hill´s Freedom To Speak


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